Reading group writes a paper..

Impressive narrative by Adam David Morton on a Nottingham reading group which has produced a collective paper on Rosa Luxemburg and the expansion of accumulation into non-commodified spheres.


Relevance of definitions of poverty

A recent example from the BBC World Service. Mark Tully reports from Delhi on the political tensions caused by an advisory council charged with helping the poorest in Indian society. (slide player cursor forward to 13mins 20secs to play segment)


Managing ‘Social exclusion’

The formation of state policies for the management of damaging feedback from impoverished populations is influenced by the point of view of the people who are describing the problems to be solved. How that framing is constructed shows considerable variation depending on the source.

Social exclusion definitions 2

It has proved impossible to incorporate links to fuller document extracts into the post as they occur so I have added them here as numbered in the text.

1 Definitions from The English Index of Deprivation

2 Spirit Level R Wilkinson p24-31

3 Pradhan-Understandng-Social-Inclusion-and-Exclusion

4 Social Exclusion Framework H Silver 2007

5 Endless Pressure K Pryce p95-101

6 One Blood J Heale p43_51


Neoliberalizing States, Jamie Peck

I have uploaded this paper FYI Peck Neoliberalizing states 2001


BBC Harvey

Harvey interviewed on the BBC’s Hardtalk strand  (Matt was going to post this some time ago)


Why we must halt the land cycle

Looks like the FT has been holding its own Limits to Capital reading group.  This from Martin Wolf in today’s FT…

“In a world in which people have borrowed heavily to own a location, they are desperate to enjoy land price rises and, still more, to prevent price falls. Thus we see a bizarre spectacle: newspapers hail upward moves in the price of a place to live – the most basic of all amenities. The beneficiaries are more than land speculators. They are also enthusiastic supporters of efforts to rig the market. Particularly in the UK, they welcome the creation of artificial scarcity of land, via a ludicrously restrictive regime of planning controls. This is the most important way in which wealth is transferred from the unpropertied young to the propertied old.”


David Harvey 1989 “From managerialism to entrepreneurialism”

…for discussion next week (8th July)